Common Issues with Kitchen Layouts and How to Get Around Them

Common Issues with Kitchen Layouts and How to Get Around Them


The layout and size of your current kitchen floor plan won’t necessarily determine the kitchen’s capabilities. With the help of a creative kitchen designer, there are many options available when designing a kitchen, from superficial renovations to complete remodels from the ground up.

Whether you want to build an addition or remove walls will depend on your individual goals. Even minor changes can greatly affect the functionality of the kitchen.

Innovative kitchen designers will place an emphasis on maximizing the potential of your space, depending on you and your family’s personal preferences and budget.

How Kitchen Design Has Changed

In the early days of America, homes had a kitchen that simply included a sink on one wall with a stove on another. These kitchen layouts were inefficient, with minimal storage and an oftentimes shoddy workspace consisting of a worn wooden table. Refrigeration was also virtually nonexistent. However, kitchens began to utilize more appliances and efficiency of space as the home evolved.

These days the best kitchen layouts incorporate efficient use of space along with visual appeal, with more space for storage, cleanup, and the preparation of food. Common additions have included pantries, cabinets, and refrigerators and freezers that make the kitchen a much more pleasant space.


Common Problems with Kitchen Floor Plans

While there are plenty of options to choose from in kitchen designs, not all kitchens will work. For instance, in older homes the kitchen may frustrate homeowners due to issues such as:

  • Too much space between appliances
  • Insufficient counter space
  • Awkward traffic patterns
  • Inadequate task lighting
  • Lack of space for trash cans
  • Difficulties with crowding

Using the Kitchen Work Triangle to Your Advantage

The “kitchen work triangle”—a guiding principle of kitchen design that concerns the paths and distance between the sink, stove, and refrigerator—is a great way to make sure the kitchen layout works the way you want it to. The key is to keep the spacing consistently efficient, ensuring that work and food storage areas are organized appropriately to allow occupants to easily move from one area to another.

Some of the more popular layouts include the U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen, along with a corridor or galley kitchen design for single cooks, plus a window.

More spacious layouts often feature peninsula counters, which are designed to prevent unwanted workspace traffic while providing additional space for socializing and snacking. Kitchen islands can accommodate certain appliances as well as chairs or barstools, while eliminating a wall and opening the kitchen up to nearby rooms.

A modern kitchen as part of an open floor plan often places all appliances along the same wall, placing a dining table as a transition piece between the living area and the work space.

More Contemporary Options

The popularity of open living areas has made appealing kitchen designs more important than ever. Rather than resembling traditional work spaces, they’re beginning to take the shape of dens and offices, with comfortable seating, snack and homework stations, eating counters, and even TVs and other forms of entertainment. When planning your kitchen renovation, consider how your family will use it, including the types of activities they’ll engage in regularly, and use these to influence the overall layout.

Layout Design Elements

Kitchen designers place an emphasis on workstations when customizing layouts, and will regard personal preference when renovating. For instance, the kitchen of a serious cook would be far more complex than a kitchen for those who rarely take the time to cook at home.

Professional designers can also help you realize your dream kitchen and personal preferences, meeting the needs for your home kitchen. Contact us to schedule a consultation with us at any time.

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