To provide an estimate for a full kitchen remodel, it is imperative that we first must thoroughly understand the scope of the job that the homeowner is looking to achieve. Variances from small-scale cosmetic renovations to full “gut” remodels obviously entail a great number of unique milestones, materials, and labor that will affect the project’s ultimate price.

Once we have a firm grasp of the renovation scope, we go through several other steps with our design and construction team to generate a complete starting budget before materials and color selections are made.

But what most customers want is our “professional opinion” or “ballpark price” of the space before going through all the necessary steps of generating a customized estimate for the unique project at hand.

We find this very similar to asking for the cost of a vacation without knowing how many people are going, where you are going, how you going to get there, whether you are going to do when you get there, and what type of beverages do you prefer (among many other important aspects of this very expensive endeavor).

But we aim to please, so we can use the following simple formula to help provide a very crude estimate of a quality remodeling job.

Take the square footage of your home and multiply it by 20. That will be a very rough, ballpark estimate of a full kitchen remodel for your home. Of course, there are always variances, so we would say 80% of the kitchen remodel projects we do lie between a multiplier of 17x and 21x times the square footage of a typical North Dallas home.

Now that you have a rough ballpark estimate on what your remodel could or could not cost, come by our showroom and design center to speak with one of our remodeling designers to get a customized solution for your exact needs and requirements.


While the estimate above is a great tool to understand the basic concept of the anticipated cost for a full or partial kitchen remodel, understanding how your specific home and your family’s needs fit into the equation is the next stage of your consideration of a doing a remodel at all.

We do take our business, projects, clients and their homes very seriously. So as a professional establishment we must explain that the above estimate/multiplier can often lead you in the wrong direction. For us, it’s an impossible question to answer without a lot more information and it can only be derived once we agree on a complete scope of work and apply real costs to that scope.


The cost to remodel a kitchen will vary greatly due to numerous factors. As local kitchen and bath remodeling professionals, we regularly help North Texas homeowners like yourself with their kitchen remodeling projects. We often come across the same questions asking for a “quick” or “rough ballpark” estimate to remodel a home.

As a result, we often explain the following top factors that affect the cost to remodel your home’s kitchen. These items will need to be discussed and confirmed before providing anything close to a realistic pricing estimate. Understanding these few significant factors and how they may impact the overall cost of your remodeled kitchen

The fact is, the details (and therefore the cost) of every remodeling project are unique, and the cost of your remodel is entirely up to you, not your remodeling contractor. Only you know how much you want to invest in your home. It’s our job to apply our expertise and experience to finely detail your wants and needs and then remodel your home to meet (or ideally exceed) those expectations within your budget.

That’s why it is so important to determine and then share your investment amount with us from the first moment you select us to visit your home to start the sales process. Using the vacation analogy, we are like a travel agent working with you to plan a trip.

Still, the “What does it cost?” question persists. So, it might be helpful to understand what goes into or affects the cost (or ultimate price) of a remodeling project to gain a better perspective.

For instance, the cost of similarly sized room additions or kitchen remodels vary considerably due to the scope of work — a one- or two-story addition, a complete gutting of the kitchen vs. refacing the cabinets and replacing the appliances — as well as the level of detail and desired finishes. A good-quality tile floor or carpet could cost considerably less than a stone, tile or wood floor, though even more based on selections.

There’s also the stuff you don’t see right away, such as necessary upgrades to the plumbing or electrical systems exposed during demolition, or the need to alter any structural components to either beef them up or move walls or support posts or beams to enlarge the space. We work hard to investigate and discover those “hidden” costs and include them in the budget before we sign a contract, but those items are unique to each home.

In addition, costs related to acquiring permits or complying with current code requirements can add from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars to the bottom line of a remodeling project, regardless of the basic scope. Labor and material costs can also vary substantially based upon the time of the year, the availability and demand of building materials and workers, weather conditions (such as for a room addition, which requires a lot of exterior work), and the complexity of the project.

The list of variables goes on, and we’re happy to discuss them with you and explain how they might impact the cost of your remodeling project. But, in our view, it’s fair to ask us up-front what a remodel of any kind will cost, but please understand that the key it fully understand the scope and requirements at the same time.

Better, we think, to get a full understanding of our process and expertise and marry those skills with what you plan to invest and want and need in a remodeling project to achieve your goals



The average contractors and remodeling company may only provide you with a one-year, limited, home warranty plan on materials, service and structural components. However, Elite Remodeling offers a full THREE-YEAR warranty on all labor and materials (provided by Elite Remodeling) along with a 10-YEAR warranty on all workmanship of structural components added to your home.
When you choose Elite Remodeling to help with your home renovations, you can rest assured that we are committed to providing results that last!


We take great pride in delivering high-quality products and professional installation services on each of our remodeling projects. We stand behind our work with workmanship guarantees and manufacturer product warranties.

Our team of experts have the skills, training, technology, and resources required to design, build, and install all components of your home remodeling project.

In fact, you can choose us in complete confidence knowing that we offer generous warranty coverage for years to come.


Give us a call today and one of our friendly and helpful team members will provide you with the information you need. We will also help you schedule an in-person or virtual consultation during which you can find out more about our warranties.