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Every remodeling project begins with a myriad of decisions—defining your requirements, establishing a budget, creating a timeline, determining the size of the project, not to mention selecting all the colors, textures and furnishings that brings everything together, and finally choosing a qualified, professional remodeling company that can efficiently handle the scope of the project.

Imagine your remodeling dream and we’ll bring your dream to life – right in front of you. Elite Remodeling has a beautiful showroom and a hands-on design center where you can see and feel the look you’ve imagined before making your remodeling decisions. View color schemes, evaluate tile surfaces, compare cabinetry textures, review wallpaper styles, experiment with faux finishes and view paint options – all in one convenient, comfortable place.

Finished kitchens and bath areas, a home office/library area, a wet bar and butlers pantry area allow customers to see the latest home improvement ideas and visualize what Elite Remodeling can do for them. Many different trim options and a variety of countertop and backsplash designs are displayed as well. Rather than try to make selections from sample books, Elite’s customers can see wood and tile floor patterns are installed on the showroom floor. The center is always a work in progress to showcase the latest products and new design ideas.

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For avid cooks, seasoned hosts, and busy families alike, the kitchen is the center of daily life—and a place where both beauty and function are more important than ever. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about renovating your kitchen to make it the best it can be, from finding the right contractor to choosing floor tiles and hardware finishes.


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Our Showroom and Design Center was Awarded Best Showroom by Dallas Builders Association at the 2018 ARC Awards. Learn more about our showroom here. You can also see a list of our awards here.


Our staff of Certified designers and remodelers make us the only remodeler in Greater DFW with certified Designers, Remodelers and Aging in Place specialists on staff! Learn more about our team here.


Our technology that allows us to translate your requirements into 3D renderings of your project and let you virtually walk through your new kitchen or bathroom during the design process. Learn more about our process here.


Our 3-year warranty. Learn more about our warranty here.


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One of the critical differentiators that attract local homeowners to Elite Remodeling is that Elite has a conveniently located showroom off Preston Road and Gaylord in bustling Frisco. This is not your typical tile and flooring showroom that most production builders and some custom builders have as selection area to make product selections. Instead, Elite’s showroom is sharply focused on clients who want to truly remodel “anything within their existing home,” including adding square footage. The showroom reflects Elite’s construction capabilities across the entire home, from kitchens and bathrooms to additions, fireplaces, etc. This is truly a full service “Showroom” and s distinctive factor that has set Elite Remodeling apart from its local competitors and raised the bar of professionalism for remodelers in the public’s eye for the last two decades.

Elite’s sophisticated clientele needed more than just a contractor capable of constructing their projects end-to-end. When our clientele chooses to renovate their kitchens, they often seek a professional kitchen designer’s advice. Many of our clients come to us with projects of broader scope that may required walls to be moved or opened up for easier access and larger open spaces. Through our design services, our certified professional kitchen designers, and our state-of-the-art technology allow each client’s requirements to be translated into 3D renderings before any materials are purchased, allowing clients to visualize the look they’ve imagined before making their final remodeling decisions are made.

Elite Remodeling is locally distinguished by having MORE CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS on staff than any other remodeler in the Greater DFW area.

Elite’s team holds distinctions from:

Elite’s team also holds the Certified Renovator designation now required by law from the EPA, and Elite is registered as a Certified Lead Restoration Company. The Elite team also holds many leadership positions in the various professional associations it belongs to locally, regionally, and nationally. We are proud our team members comprise a broad set of skills and talents related to the remodeling industry.


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