Home Additions
in North Dallas, TX

We’ll give your home a
fresh, new, and practical space you need.

Comprehensive home expansion per your requirements

and BEAUTY to your HOME

We’re here if you’re looking to expand your existing home and introduce more space and functionality into your daily life. We’re the leading company for custom home additions in North Dallas and all other nearby areas. You can rely on us for different types of services and we can add a kitchen, master bedroom, office, master suite, bathroom, second story, game room, loft area, and many more. We’ll give your home more space and practicality and increase its visual appeal.

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Quality Whole Home Remodels & Room Additions in Plano and Frisco TX















Add function & convenience to your home

We’re your go-to company for comprehensive home additions across North Dallas and all the surrounding communities. We’re here to give your home extra space that you require in a fast, efficient, and professional manner. Contact us and see what we can do.

Our detail-oriented process ensures great results

We specialize in building custom home additions in North Dallas and all the surrounding areas. We’ll increase your home’s functionality, enhance its aesthetic appeal, and incorporate all your specific requests. We’ve adopted a design-build approach that allows us to tackle projects of any size and scope, whether you need a second story addition or a kitchen expansion. We begin by consulting with you and inspecting your home to create a personalized design. 

From there, we’ll create an architectural design, provide a fixed-price proposal, and move on to our engineering phase. Before our contractors and builders break ground, they’ll explain all the steps to you in detail. We keep you informed through the construction process and we always follow a detail-oriented schedule so you know what to expect. This is how we ensure a streamlined and smooth experience. 

Quality home additions & expansions according to your wishes

Our company provides the most modern, stylish, and functional room and home additions to clients across North Dallas and other surrounding areas. We have a team of experienced and reputable professionals ready to tackle any challenge. Our full-service design-build approach is what separates us from the competition.

Our experienced designers for customizable options

Our company offers completely personalized home and room addition services in North Dallas, TX and other nearby areas. Our experienced and knowledgeable design team will first propose several possible solutions based on your input and allow you to choose one that suits your needs best before we move forward into our construction phase.

Expert builders & contractors for efficient work

We’ve assembled a team of experienced, skilled, and qualified builders and contractors for your project in North Dallas and the area. They approach all projects with the same professionalism and attention to detail. This is why our construction phase transpires quickly, efficiently, and according to schedule.

We can tackle a job of any size and scope

Our company has the capacity and the expertise to successfully tackle a project of any size, scope, and complexity. Our full-service approach ensures fast turnaround and favorable results. Our designers, contractors, and builders have the experience and the skills to work based on your instructions and requirements to give you a home you’ll be proud of.

Explore our various designs and make your choice

Our company transforms your vision of your new home into reality. When you come to our Showroom and Design Center, we’ll show you many different options for your home addition in North Dallas. This way, you can make an informed decision on the new style and design of your home and also incorporate all the practicality you require.

Exceptional warranty on our home expansion services

We provide an excellent warranty on all our home additions across North Dallas and the nearby areas. You receive 6-year warranty on all structural components and 3-year warranty on labor and materials. This is how you know your investment is protected. What’s more, we’re here for any maintenance you need for years to come.


We make your home expansion easy & efficient

You can rely on Elite Home & Kitchen Remodeling to create an efficient and practical space for your home. We offer expert guidance, high-quality materials, and professional craftsmanship. We want you to get an area you’ve always wanted!



Vicki D.


“Thanks for the amazing job your team did on my daughter’s handicap-accessible bathroom remodel! From design to completion, it was professional and well executed.”

Karen H.


“This will be the fourth time we’ve used Elite and have been delighted with every job. Creative, professional and helpful!”

Laura G.


“Elite Remodeling was a very easy company to work with. Our designer, Kelli, came up with an unique layout to fit the flow of our kitchen. Every effort was made to finish the project on time. Our project manager, Blake, was receptive to calls and concerns and took care of questions and problems in a very timely manner.”

Diane L.


"My experience with Elite Remodeling was great! I worked with Kelli and Blake, and they were wonderful. They communicated really well and made sure the job was done right! I would absolutely use them again:)"

Kathryn L.


"The Team at Elite Remodeling are simply the Best! Elite is professional, friendly, good listeners, and the quality of the work is wonderful. I cannot speak more highly of any other remodeling company. I was fortunate to have chosen them to do a full remodel of my master bathroom and master closet with great results."

Jenney H.


“The Elite team is trustworthy, professional, responsible, very creative and willing to listen and satisfy all your requirements. I used for my kitchen, living area and laundry remodeling project. I will not doubt on using them again.”


Is a home addition worth the investment?


Yes, it’s definitely worth it to add fresh space to your property in North Dallas or the nearby area. Some of the biggest benefits of creating adding to your home include: 

  • A new, specialized space for your particular requirements
  • More storage and room in your home
  • Enhanced resale value of your property
  • Better visual appeal of your home
  • Possibility to rent out the extra space

Can you do a home addition yourself?


Yes, you can perform a home expansion in North Dallas on your own if you have previous design, contracting, and building experience. If not, you’re way better off hiring professionals to handle your project for you. 

At Elite Home & Kitchen Remodeling, we employ the most qualified and experienced designers and contractors capable of expanding your home per your direct instructions and specifications. Call us today and let us know what kind of a space you need.

How do I prepare my house for an addition?


If you’ve hired home and room addition contractors and builders in North Dallas, all that’s left is to prepare your home for the major remodel that awaits. Here’s what you can do to prep your home for the arrival of the pros: 

  • Take audit of your belongings
  • Declutter your important areas
  • Find a place to move out until the project is done
  • Clearly communicate all your requests to the crew

How much does an addition add to home value?


The cost of a home addition entirely depends on the type and the extent of the project you plan to make. That’s why it’s difficult to provide an estimate without more information on your individual project. In order to receive a quote, contact your reputable room addition builders and give them the information they need. All else is pure speculation.

Who are the leaders in custom home & room additions near me in North Dallas, TX & the area?


Our company has been providing professional services across North Dallas and the nearby areas for almost 20 years. You can count on us for a wide range of room expansion per your exact specifications. 

To us, it doesn’t matter if your home is in Alexander’s Village or Hamilton Park. We will dispatch our crew of experienced contractors to inspect your property and create a tailored plan of action. However, we do not only service clients in North Dallas. We also offer: 

GIve us a call today and tell us what kind of expansion you need. Everything else is our job!