Choosing The Perfect Cabinets in 2020

Interior design styles often come and go. While some trends only remain popular for a season or two, others can last decades. When considering your home decorations, there are things you may find easy to swap out. For instance, a decorative throw or pillow sham are both very easily updated, and even reupholstering or swapping out chairs can still be relatively unencumbered.

On the other hand, more permanent decorations such as cabinets and countertops are much more involved. They also typically require you to dedicate more time to selecting both the color and style that better suits your new look and blend well with your entire home décor.At Elite Remodeling, we know the importance of these decisions and are always ready to help you make the best choices within your budget. Working with our team of expert designers, you’ll get the best bathroom or kitchen cabinets for your home and within your desired budget. Below is a selection of three cabinet styles among the most requested from our clients for 2020.


Everyone who watches any HGTV shows or has entered a recently designed home has likely seen clean, elegant white cabinets. In addition to lighting up your space, white cabinets pull your gaze upwards and can make your room appear much larger than it is. These cabinets easily integrate into your existing color scheme or make it easy to spice up your kitchen or bathroom with pops of the latest season’s color.

Are you a big fan of multicolored granite countertops? Then white cabinets blend perfectly with quartz, granite, marble, and different stains and varieties of wood countertops. They provide a marvelous foundation and inspire creativity in the design of your entire kitchen. Add a beautiful backsplash to become the central tie for your design. White cabinets add clean beauty to your space without competing with any other design choice.


Gray cabinets are the next most popular option aside from white due to how easily they can match other color schemes as well. They can serve as a muted backdrop to other prominent design choices or can serve as the central accent of the space. Two-toned kitchens are a trending style that often uses darker grey cabinets for the base (lower) cabinets and lighter color or white cabinets for wall (upper) cabinets. Navy is also used in the same way to spice up lower cabinets or an island.

Today’s trends allow you to choose any color you like for your cabinets. From a muted yellow to seafoam green to robin’s egg blue, your cabinets can be an excellent source of color. They can serve as the focal point or muted to be a gorgeous backdrop to balance out other design elements.


Stained cabinets have made a recent resurgence. You may be reminded of your parents’ ugly, dated wooden cabinets from decades ago when you first think of wood cabinets; however, new techniques in staining and unique color selections have given stained cabinets a contemporary revival. Without taking away from your other design elements, natural wood tones can be an appealing option to accent your space.


If you are thinking about updating your kitchen or bathrooms with new cabinets, no one does it better than Elite Remodeling. Our team of certified, expert designers and remodeling specialists works directly with you to bring your vision to life. Our experienced installation team works quickly, efficiently, and cleanly to deliver that vision as designed. Start living in beauty and comfort every day with the assistance of our team at Elite Remodeling.