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Elite Remodeling brings together leading designers and builders to create custom home additions in Plano and the vicinity. We are your go-to experts in bathroom and kitchen addition services, second story additions, and other kinds of home improvement projects. Our work rests on our unwavering professional integrity and commitment to customer care. We’ll work through every stage of your project, including planning, design, and construction, to ensure excellent end results.

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Here at Elite Remodeling, we have a team of committed home addition builders who can’t wait to construct your new:


Our room additions give you extra functionality

If your family has outgrown your current home or some of your rooms need fine tweaking, Elite Remodeling can design and implement refined solutions made just for you. Practicality is always our number one priority. We consider how you’d like to use the space and make sure that every inch of your kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, second story, or another addition in Plano or the nearby area has a clear purpose.

Our home additions combine beauty and quality

If you’re looking for a home addition contractor to give your property a fresh, contemporary look coupled with lasting quality, Elite Remodeling should be your top choice in Plano and the vicinity. Contact us for a second story, master suite, kitchen, bathroom, or another kind of addition and we’ll work out a design that works for you and gives you joy for years to come.

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home addition contractors in Plano

Our team has the training and experience to pull off all of your demands, no matter how big or small. Here, proficient designers and skilled builders work in unison to deliver outstanding results. We approach every home addition with precision, dedication, and professionalism. Plus, you get a 10-year warranty for all the structural work we do.

Why you need a home extension

If you’ve grown weary of the current look and feel of your house, a change would probably do you good. Custom home additions can do wonders for the overall ambience and practicality of your property. Here are some of the perks that you can expect:

  • A more spacious home
  • An increase in property value
  • A more comfortable environment
  • Stylish and trendy looks



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A Consultation

frequently asked questions

Is it better to add on to your house or buy a new one?

The total price for a custom addition varies depending on several factors. These include: 

  • Type of addition
  • Quality of materials
  • Size and scope of the project
  • The number of builders 
  • What equipment is used
  • Location of the site

    Reach out to our excellent customer service to get an accurate price estimate of your home addition in Little Elm. Book an on-site evaluation, and our team will inspect the premises, analyze the layout, and give their assessment of what works for your property. 


Can I build my own addition?

How much a room addition in McKinney may cost depends on a number of factors: 

  • Scope of work
  • Quality of materials 
  • Appliance upgrades
  • Number of builders
  • Location of the home

To get an accurate estimate of the costs, schedule an appointment with the specialists at Elite Remodeling. We’ll make sure you get the best value for money. 

Who do I hire for a home addition?

It’s strongly advisable to book the services of an experienced home addition contractor to minimize the hassle and ensure the success of your project in Plano or the vicinity. Look for:

  • A company with extensive experience in the field
  • A team of qualified and licensed professionals
  • A contractor with stellar reviews and ratings
  • Someone recommended by a person you trust
  • Professionals who are flexible and responsive

How do I estimate the cost of a home addition?

Second story additions are a popular option in Little Elm. Typically, it’s possible to add a second story in most cases, but there are two factors to consider. The layout of the house will determine how big the addition can be. The age of the structure dictates what kind of addition is possible, and if at all. Reach out to our specialists to inspect your home and find the most viable option for your project.

How do I find a great home addition contractor near me in Plano, TX?

If you’re looking for trustworthy bathroom addition contractors or an expert crew to perform kitchen addition services in the region, call Elite Remodeling. We offer an effortless full-service experience, meticulous workmanship, and refined design solutions. Our team also conducts top-quality home extensions in Frisco and tailor-made house additions in Celina, as well as in any of the surrounding neighborhoods. 

While we manage the whole process, you can enjoy your free time in Clearview Park or Archgate Park. Get a boost in the functional use of your space and the curb appeal of your home. We’re at your beck and call!

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