Your Confined Space Can Be More Spacious

One of the biggest trends in modern home design is an open floorplan. And therefore, one of the most requested remodeling features in 2020 will be to make such a space from an existing blocked off, segmented areas.

You literally cannot watch a single home renovation show on TV that doesn’t highlight this popular feature in some way. And most all of them required a wall or two to be knocked down to open it up and do so. While this may seem simple on paper or through “TV magic,” converting several segmented rooms into a spacious, interconnected living space can be both expensive and complicated, requiring serious planning, and often, a sizable budget. If your walls to be removed, have essential plumbing, electrical, HVAC ducts, or are load-bearing, knocking down that wall might not even be a possibility.

So if you are interested in bringing more natural light, airflow, and space into your confined areas, you don’t have to go it alone. Our certified remodeling experts at Elite Remodeling are available to assist you in coming up with comfortable custom designs for your unique space, in line with your individual preferences and budget.


Larger tiles, when used for a backsplash or flooring, is a great way to make your smaller space feel more spacious. Utilizing these large tiles to cover a large amount of your space can make your results even more dramatic. There is a wide range of alignment options, and it’s possible to intersperse patterns or utilize smaller mosaic accents further to bring nuance and elegance to your smaller space.

Confined space is a common problem when it comes to bathroom remodels. The problem is more pronounced in homes where the original homebuilders elected to install half bathrooms in every available space to increase the initial market value of the house. Fortunately, with proper planning and expert execution, it is possible to maximize this limited space too. Our design team can help show you numerous past projects that we have done so in past client’s homes.


You will be surprised at how much the right color can do for confined space in terms of brightness and the added feeling of space. When it comes to smaller rooms, you must resist the temptation of darker colors. Yes, they work wonders for large rooms as accent walls but will give a confined feeling in smaller spaces. Instead, go for a bright color scheme, or a single light color like white or cream. You can go further to base your theme around a single color, which will result in a much better aesthetic appeal and an alluring semblance of free space.

Start by choosing your unique, thematic color, then carefully select complementary hardware and cabinetry that suit your theme. Silver cabinet hardware is trendy, and it does go with almost all color themes, but your chosen color scheme may lend to other viable options like rose gold, gold, or even wooden hardware.

Perhaps, the best part of a floor plan shuffle targeted at giving your small, confined space an illusion of freeness and airiness is that you can work with any budget. All you have to do is select the right materials and colors and watch your confined room transform into a beautiful spacious oasis.

Do you have any questions about the remodeling process? Our multifaceted, certified remodeling design team at Elite Remodeling will be delighted to consult you on updating/remodeling your existing home.