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Here at Elite Remodeling, a group of talented and committed specialists works hard to keep our clients happy with exquisite custom home remodeling in Frisco and the area projects. We can handle any whole house remodel no matter its scope, style, or other specifics. 

Once we conduct an initial consultation, our well-oiled remodeling system will be put in motion. Our qualified designers will work with you to create the perfect blend of the functional and the aesthetic. Our construction crew will breathe life into the design using quality materials and sophisticated machinery. Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy a gorgeous, highly practical space that’s in harmony with your lifestyle.

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Elite Remodeling renders a full array of home remodeling services, which can transform your house in Frisco or the surrounding areas top-to-bottom. We offer a multistep process that leaves nothing to chance:

    • Consultation about the project, including its scope, timeframe, budget, materials, and other details
    • Taking precise on-site measurements 
    • Creating your personalized design, including floor plans, material selection, etc.
    • Submitting our plans to you and fine-tuning them in line with your feedback
    • Determining the final project schedule
    • Ordering materials and carrying out the construction stage of the project
    • Providing the client with regular updates via our handy project management platform
    • Giving the client a walk through and 3-year warranty





Kitchen remodeling is a hugely important fixture of any whole house remodel that we conduct in Frisco or the nearby region. With a customized layout, modern finishes, durable flooring, top-quality fixtures, and other premium features, your new kitchen will be the ideal place to spend time with your family or entertain guests. Reach maximum functionality and get a beautiful setting for your cooking adventures.


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Bathroom renovation is another staple of every custom home remodel that Elite Remodeling performs in Frisco or the neighboring communities. Our design and build experts will take care of every detail of your bathroom remodel, from updating its layout and installing new plumbing to adding sleek finishing touches, like refined fixtures. You can count on an optimized and beautiful end result that will bring comfort for years to come.





Every remodeler on our team is a trained and seasoned professional with the drive to see each whole house remodel through to fruition. We’re very particular about who we let on our go-getting team and we see to it that our employees are the leading experts in their respective fields. You’ll work with educated designers, skilled builders, and trained accessibility experts. Contact us and let our staff guide you through the whole process smoothly and knowledgeably.

What you get with a tailored whole house remodel

It’s only natural for your home to change and grow as your family does. With Elite Remodeling, homeowners can adjust every single aspect of their home design to their evolving needs. Get in touch with the leading home remodeling contractors in Frisco and the vicinity and receive numerous benefits from this remodeling venture:

    • Better use of your space
    • Higher home resale value
    • Beautiful home environment
    • Top-quality workmanship



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A Consultation

frequently asked questions

Is it worth remodeling an old home?

If you’re in two minds about purchasing a fixer-upper or if you’re considering whether to move out of your current abode or remodel it instead, there’s a number of things to consider. The common appeal of older homes is their unique character, which you can’t really get with a brand new house. Old houses are usually sturdy, too, because they were constructed to withstand a lot. They also cost less if you’re buying. 

On the other hand, whole house remodeling is typically a costly and time-consuming endeavor, which some homeowners would rather avoid. Ultimately, the choice is up to you and should reflect your current needs. If you don’t mind the wait and have reputable home remodeling contractors in Frisco, like Elite Remodeling, by your side, a full-scale remodel of an older home can be hugely rewarding.


What is the best way to renovate a house?

Having the help of a great remodeling company is the key to a successful, smooth, and worry-free whole house remodel. Although some homeowners may be confident enough to DIY small-scale renovations, such an extensive project requires a lot of careful considerations and specialist knowledge. The professionals at Elite Remodeling can assist you with every facet of the project, including:

  • Staying within budget without compromising quality
  • Working out a tailored design that meets your needs
  • Helping you with material selection
  • Handling the construction and installation of all elements
  • Managing the whole process 
  • Keeping you up-to-date with our progress

Get in touch with us today to get your custom home remodeling project in the Frisco area under way ASAP.

What comes first in a home renovation?

After the preparatory stage of planning and design is over and your materials are ready, the first step of the actual construction work is: demolition. Your home remodeling contractors will tear down all the obsolete components to make way for remodeling work to be done. Your Frisco home will then undergo crucial structural changes, like the addition of new walls, doors, and windows. 

Count on Elite Remodeling to carry out each step of the process with consistency and precision. You’ll be involved in the development of the exact project schedule and we’ll also regularly notify you of our progress. Have a seamless remodeling experience with us as your partner!

How long does a whole house renovation take?

This depends entirely of the specifics of your home, such as:

  • How long it takes to get necessary permits
  • The square footage of the house
  • The scope of the remodeling
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Whether structural issues are found over the course of the renovation

Contact Elite Remodeling and schedule your consultation with our specialists. Once we know more about your planned custom home remodel in Frisco or the vicinity, we’ll be able to design a project timeline and let you know how long the project will take.

Which company does expert custom home remodeling near me in Frisco?

The experts at Elite Remodeling have dedicated their lives to helping the locals in Frisco and the nearby areas get the homes they deserve. No matter what type of whole house remodel you have in mind, our dream team can make it happen. We’ve designed a failproof system that enables you to enjoy a full-service home remodeling experience with a massive payoff at the end.  

If you’re a sport lover, have fun at the National Soccer Hall of Fame and the Toyota Stadium and leave all the planning or your upcoming remodeling project to us. Apart from operating in Frisco, Elite Remodeling can also fully transform your home in Celina or completely redo your whole house in Prosper. Buckle up and get ready for the ride!

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