Bathroom Additions: All You Need to Know

Bathroom additions are often a popular option among homeowners. In particular, custom home additions such as adding a personalized bathroom to your home in Frisco, TX can help you boost functionality in your space. However, is it worth the cost? Should you even bother with an extra bathroom if you already have two bathrooms? 

In this blog post, we will answer the crucial questions about adding a second bathroom.

Does adding a second bathroom add value?

When asking potential buyers whether or not they would like another bathroom, many people will say “yes”. And there are multiple reasons behind this: 

  • Adding a second bathroom adds value to your property. This is especially true for large properties that have only one bathroom. So, this can be a great amenity for big families looking to buy a functional home.
  • Increasing the number of bathrooms can improve your everyday dynamics. It is not uncommon for one bathroom to be used exclusively for children and guests, and for parents to use the other bathroom. For instance, many homeowners go with adding a master suite since it has its own private facilities.
  • A second (or a third) bathroom brings generally more value to a family. Just make sure that you consult experts about the design of your bathroom to meet your lifestyle and needs. It can bring more privacy, add more much-needed space, and more. 

Where should I put my extra bathroom?

If you’re considering adding a second bathroom, chances are your first question is where to put it. Here are a few helpful guidelines: 

  • From a construction perspective, place it as near to or above another bathroom.  This will help you save on plumbing costs for connecting to an existing sewer drain.
  • Don’t place it near any utility rooms or laundry facilities unless these spaces were specifically designed with another future bathroom in mind. This is because it may require extensive plumbing changes and updates.
  • Make sure there is plenty of space for privacy between your new bathroom and the bedrooms/living rooms/other common areas in your home.
  • Be sure that this new bathroom isn’t located near exterior doors such as those leading outside from the garage. If they’re left open during winter for some reason, this may cause your pipes to freeze and create unnecessary problems. 

Experts will certainly advise you on the best location for an additional bathroom, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your preferred contractor.

Where can I find experienced professionals for custom home additions in Frisco, TX?

As you can see, adding a second bathroom is worth the cost as long as you’re well-informed and prepared for a home addition. Of course, whenever you’re in doubt about the best approach or need help to decide whether you should choose a bathroom or improve and expand your kitchen, feel free to consult the experts. 

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