Top 9 Kitchen Remodeling Trends & Ideas

In kitchen renovation, ideas and trends are not necessarily just a passing fad. When certain ideas come together and complement each other, you can create a beautiful, timeless kitchen ambience. These attractive designs can help you create an inviting kitchen that will not only be a perfect place for entertainment, but also boost the value of your property.

As stylish and popular designs that have stood the test of time, some of the ideas will help you refresh the old cabinets or add a chic backsplash. Either way, whether you decide to style up the entire kitchen space in your home in Frisco, TX  or just repaint the cabinets, here are a few ideas that you can discuss with your kitchen remodelers.

What are the latest trends in kitchen remodeling?

From year to year, colors and design elements come and go out of style. Still, some designs and features are timeless classics that will always bring value to a house. There are also those passing trends that are in just for a season and then become one of the kitchen design mistakes you wish you had avoided. 

However, here are a few design trends that are a great choice for giving your kitchen a lasting appeal: 

  1. A high-tech fridge

Thanks to tremendous technological advancements, you can now have something called a ‘smart kitchen’. This is without a doubt one of the biggest trends nowadays. And a high-tech fridge is a great way to start reinventing your kitchen. 

This type of fridge can be programmed using a range of interesting features. You can set it up per your and your family’s needs, get reminders if your groceries are running low, or maintain a perfect fridge temperature. All this is controllable via a smartphone.

  1. A pop of color 

In recent decades, white has been one of the most popular colors for a kitchen, gaining the status of a timeless classic. However, bright, white kitchens are slowly on their way out of style. Try to add a pop of color for an eye-catching effect. For example, navy blue or emerald green will revive your space. You could go even darker and paint your cabinets black for a luxurious and dramatic effect. 

  1. Balanced shades

Your kitchen does not have to be completely monochrome. You can try something a bit different and mix different shades. Try painting your upper cabinets a brighter color than the bottom ones. It will balance your kitchen atmosphere and make it more open and spacious.

  1. A trendy backsplash

This is where you can be bold and have fun because backsplashes are such a pleasure to decorate. The color choices, textures, and patterns are almost endless here. You can experiment and realign your backsplash to create an impactful decor statement.

  1. Open shelving 

The concept with open shelving is not entirely new, but it’s expected to gain in popularity. It’s a great way to display your beautiful dishes or reduce some clutter and keep only the necessities in your kitchen.

  1. Combinations of metal finishes

Mixing and matching metals in your kitchen space will not only help you add character, but also make your kitchen stand out. From the timeless stainless steel look to various metal combinations, you can experiment with different finishes and styles. 

  1. Dedicated areas

The open-concept home, that merges the kitchen, dining room and living room, is slowly going out of style. There are more and more homeowners who are working from home and that trend seems to keep rising. This conditions the need for dedicated spaces and a little more privacy, which starts to reflect in kitchen remodels, as well.

  1. Timeless wood

Real solid wood has always been a popular choice and more landlords are going for this natural feel. However, keep in mind that if you are not willing to go with an all-wood kitchen, you can consider choosing this material just for the lower cabinets. 

When it comes to flooring, although there are numerous options that bring quality and variety, such as ceramic tiles, the hardwood floor has and always will be one of the best choices that brings a significant value boost.

  1. Functional lighting

Lighting is a very important design feature, especially in the kitchen where you will spend a lot of time slicing and dicing. However, to ensure proper lighting, you need to come up with a functional plan. Whether you’d like to add a touch of industrial style with an Edison light bulb or a modern flair with a simple, yet elegant fixture, good lighting can make your kitchen truly glamorous.

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