Our Process

Our Process

Sales Phase (1-2 weeks)

  • The phase starts with a walk in at our Showroom & Design Center (SRDC), a phone call or an email from a prospective customer
  • We then work with the customer to identify the scope of the project, any unique drivers or constraints and to understand their budget.
  • During this portion, we show the customer other projects similar to theirs in scope, size, complexity etc so as to ensure our scope definition is in sync.
  • We provide a “ballpark” estimate of what we believe the costs will be based on the requirements as defined in our meeting.  Based on an agreement that our ballpark estimate fits within the customers budget, we schedule site visit.
  • During the site visit, we measure all affected areas, photo everything and further confirm and refine the customer’s detailed requirements as captured either on the phone or in the SRDC.
  • Now that we have visited the home and the measurements, we revisit the ballpark estimate to ensure once again we are in sync.
  • At this point based on structural changes, physical layout changes and or complexity of any new designs required for a kitchen, bath or addition, we may require the customer enter into a Design Services Agreement (DSA).  This fee is typically 7-10% of the “ballpark” estimate.  The fee is then deducted off the final project cost if the Homeowner selects Elite as the Remodeler.
  • If a DSA is entered into, Elite starts the actual design process.  If the project is an Addition, then we hire an architect/designer, we hire an engineering company for structural and or foundation drawings and we start the actual design process for the kitchen and or bathroom.
  • Once all designs have been approved by the customer, we create a formal proposal based on the specific design and customer requirements.
  • At this point we “may” schedule a 2nd visit to your home where we bring one of our Project Managers attend to review “the technical” aspects of the job.  This is the ensure we fully understand the difficult construction aspects of your job.
  • We invite the customer into the SRDC to review their proposal and a more in depth review of Elite and our processes and procedures.
  • The customer then modifies the requirements and or we sign an agreement.
  • When we sign the Elite Contract, we collect a deposit.
  • At this point, Elite’s Sales/Designer briefs either sets out a schedule with the Homeowner to start the process OR briefs our 3rd party Interior Designer on the scope of the project and their responsibilities.  This is formal handoff from Sales to Design & Selections.


Design & Selections Phase (typically 4+/- weeks)

  • Elite’s Designer OR our 3rd party Interior Designer (3PID) contacts the customer to arrange a visit to their home to start this phase of the process.
  • The in home consultation occurs where the Designer is capturing current looks, feels and directions the customer may want to go.
  • The Designer assists the customer in navigating the maze of material selections, colors, textures, fixtures etc to ensure the final product meets or exceeds their expectations.
  • The Designer documents all the selections on Elite’s Selections Sheet, lays out to scale any tile patterns and floor plan diagrams, true up any allowance differences and then has the customer signs the sheets to confirm agreement.
  • The Designer then finalizes the selections – design phase with the creation of Elite’s “Red Book”.  Which is really red 3 ring folder that will be kept on site as a communication vehicle for Elite, our customer and our subcontractors.
  • Sales then reviews the Red Book with Elite’s construction team and then schedules a “Kick Off” meeting at Customer’s home.  During this meeting a formal hand off from Design & Selections to Construction occurs.


Construction Phase (typically 8-12 weeks depending on project scope)

  • The Kickoff meeting at the customer’s home launches this phase.
  • During this phase, the assignment of subs, creation of a schedule and daily conversations with our Customer begin to happen.
  • Essentially we are now “swinging hammers”.
  • If city inspections are required, they happen during this phase.
  • Weekly updates to schedule are made if needed.  We also focus on cleanliness and constant and effective communication during this phase.
  • When the construction of the project is substantially complete, the Project Manager creates a “punch list” with the customer.
  • Elite then finishes the project and ensures all items on the punch list are completed and agreed to by the customer.
  • We collect our final payment and the project now is transitioned to the Warranty Phase.


Warranty Phase (3 year labor and material, 10 year structural)

  • As stated in Elites sales process we provide a 3 year labor and material warranty on all of our work.  If the project is structural, that warranty is 10 years.
  • When a customer has a warranty item, we ask customers to call the SRDC with their issue.  We capture the information needed to schedule the repair.
  • We document the call in our internal CRM tool to track our process.  The call is then assigned to a business partner or a Project Manager for resolution.
  • We strive to have the item resolved within 1-2 weeks.

Our awards and recognitions speak to our commitment

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