Our Process: From Idea to Completed Remodel

Elite Remodeling offers no-obligation in-store design consultation. We work with a wide range of budgets, and our team of certified designs and remodelers can help you navigate the complex nature of any home remodel. From interior design services such as space planning, custom furniture, window treatments, color design, and lighting design, Elite Remodeling can assist you.

Identifying a clear vision for each design is paramount. Incorporating the latest design and material trends offer our client’s the best insight into the possibilities that their desired space can have.  We work with you to explore all of the options to recreate your space that perfectly blends function, style, and beauty to your home’s unique personality.  We are committed to uncompromising design, extraordinary quality and finish, and, most importantly, our client’s utmost satisfaction.


Approximately 1 to 2 weeks


Initially, we always encourage our prospective clients to visit us at our Showroom & Design Center (SRDC). However, everyone’s busy schedule cannot always afford this initially, so a short conversation via phone or email can suffice. Our goal is to identify the scope of the client’s project, any unique drivers or constraints, and a basic working budget.

This is an excellent opportunity to show past work we’ve completed that is similar to the client’s desired project. Exploring similar recent projects also allows us to discover and discuss various materials, functionalities, sizes, and complexities to fully build an accurate project scope.

It is always encouraged also to provide pictures of the existing space. It will make explaining the area and desired modifications much clearer and helps our designers more accurately understand the unique scope of the project. Once we feel we have discovered a good understanding of the project and scope, we provide an estimated timeline and budget range of what we believe the project’s investment will be.

Based on an agreement that our estimate fits within the customer’s desired budget, we schedule a site visit.


During the site visit at the client’s home, we measure all affected areas, take additional photos as needed, and further confirm and refine the customer’s detailed requirements as captured through the initial consultation process. If necessary, we can revise the ballpark estimate to ensure once again the project scope is sufficiently accurate to our client’s unique space and needs.

At this point, based on structural changes, physical layout changes, and or complexity of any new designs required remodel, we may request the customer enter into a Design Services Agreement (DSA). This fee is 10% of the current estimate and is deducted off the final project cost, should the client proceed forward with the project.

If a DSA is entered, Elite starts the actual design process. If the project is an Addition, then we involve an architect and engineer for structural and foundation drawings to begin the design process.

Once the customer has approved all designs, we create a formal proposal and preliminary drawings based on all of the client’s requirements.

We “may” schedule a 2nd visit to your home to involve one of our experienced Project Managers to personally review all of “the technical” complexities for the construction of the project.

At this point, we invite our clients back to our Showroom & Design Center to review any revisions to the proposal and a dive deeper into the timeline, processes, and procedures to complete their project as fully defined. Once agreed that the scope is entirely accurate and there are no other additional modifications requested, we will finalize an agreement/contract and collect the deposit to start the project with our clients officially.

This marks the transition of the Discovery phase into the Design & Materials Selections phase.


Approximately 4 weeks

Design & Selections

Our designer, or if preferred, a 3rd party interior designer, will arrange a visit to the client’s home for a design consultation to capture the look and feel desired by the client.

The designer assists the customer in navigating the maze of material selections, colors, textures, fixtures, etc. to ensure the final product meets or exceeds their expectations.

The designer will document all the preferred selections, layout to scale any tile patterns and floor plan diagrams, update any allowance differences. The customer will then sign for all of the details and modifications outlined during the meeting or schedule additional visits for follow up.

Once the client and designer have finalized the selections, we create what we call our “Red Book,” which is a thoroughly documented binder inclusive of all selections and details of the remodeling project that is kept at on-site for our clients and our on-site construction team.

This marks the transition of the Design & Materials Selections phase into the Construction phase.


Approximately 8 to 12 weeks depending on project scope

Schedule & Construction

A kickoff meeting is scheduled at the client’s home with our sales and design to introduce to our clients our construction team and fully walk through the entire project scope to be completed. A project start date will be confirmed with our client, and construction will begin.

Daily updates will be documented in the Red Book, and weekly updates will be directly communicated with our client as to the status and progress of the project.

We very much focus on cleanliness and constant, effective communication during this phase of the project.

When the construction of the project has been “substantially” completed, we will meet again with our client at their home to create a punch list of what outstanding items need to be addressed, before ultimately finishing the project. The project is not complete until our client has agreed that all items on the punch list are completed. After cleanup and departure our construction team, and final walk-through with our project manager, we collect our final payment for the project. This marks the transition of the Construction phase into the Warranty phase.


You are a Customer for Life at Elite Remodeling


Following the completion of the construction process and final walk-through, our client’s will enjoy a comprehensive 3-year labor and material warranty on all of our work and if applicable, a 10-year warranty on structural begins.

When our customer has a warranty item, they can contact us at our Design Center and Showroom so we can capture the information needed to schedule the repair. We strive to have all warranty items resolved within 1-2 weeks.

Now you can enjoy your newly remodeled space with your family and friends for many years to come!

We are very proud of our work at Elite Remodeling, and we may request to schedule a photographer to come out and professionally capture the remodel in all its splendor.