Make Your Home Pet Friendly With 5 Remodeling Tips

How can I make my home pet-friendly

Our furry friends are an integral part of the family, so keeping them comfortable in our homes is essential. Considering their possessive nature – like their favorite spots for sunbathing during the day and sleeping at night – it’s important to cater to their needs without compromising on your personal style.

Whether you plan to renovate the entire house or just a portion of it, here are 5 pet-friendly home improvement ideas to make your pets happy. In case you’re not sure where to begin, you can always turn to expert design-build contractors in McKinney for help. 

How can I make my home pet-friendly?

To make your home a safe place for pets, follow these tips:

  1. Create an inbuilt sleeping space

We all know how relaxing good sleep is. It’s common for dogs and cats to sleep from 12 to 18 hours a day, which makes a cozy bed a necessity. Better even, if you want your pets to stay off your valuable pieces of furniture and avoid sleeping underneath your bed, a dedicated sleeping area is a perfect solution.

Pets can have as much space as they need in your home without cramping it up with crates. For instance, having a built-in bed is a great feature for both cats and dogs. Plus, it’s an excellent way to celebrate your love for pets and be creative at the same time.

  1. Think of a mudroom

You and your pup will both benefit from having a mudroom in your house.. In case you share your living space with kids and animal companions, mudrooms are even more useful. However, don’t go overboard with the size.

With an attractive and functional design, you can easily prepare for walks and clean muddy paws afterward. Simply put in a bench equipped with drawers underneath. Consider adding hooks for leashes, coats, and other necessities. To make it easier to access pet supplies, use shelves to store treats, poop bags, and other pet supplies.

Where can I find reliable design-build contractors in McKinney and the area
  1. Build a washing station

Furry friends who spend most of their time outside adore mud, dirt, and puddles, but this doesn’t mean you should let them obstruct your home upkeep. Thus, you should think about building a shower in the garage, mudroom, or bathroom where there is easy access to water. These are a great alternative to the household bathroom, and due to their convenient location, you can rinse your dog quickly and easily.

  1. Add smart storage solutions 

The most effective way to store pet supplies is to create a designated storage area and an organizational system for them. You might want to consider installing a deep drawer near your pet bowls because your kitchen decor probably doesn’t match your pets’ food bags. Best of all, having everything you need at hand will simplify your daily routine.

  1. Consider necessary safety features

A pet, especially a young one, is naturally curious. Don’t be surprised if you find them hiding between appliances, chewing cords, or trying to open your refrigerator or dishwasher. The rules of the house may not be familiar to new pets, and new owners may not be aware of all the hazards they may encounter. It’s for this reason that you should think about keeping them safe at all times.

Where can I find reliable design-build contractors in McKinney and the area? 

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