Beautiful Flooring Options for Kitchens

When updating/renovating your kitchen, few decisions are as critical as the design and look of your flooring selection. While some of our customers know exactly what flooring they want, to some, choosing the right flooring for their space can be a difficult decision. From the material to the finish and design will make a tremendous impact on the overall look of your new kitchen. By making a cohesive decision on materials and colors will help you set the stage for a truly unique and breathtaking kitchen. If you would like inspiration or speak with one of our certified kitchen design experts, contact our team here at Elite Remodeling today.


To make the most of your existing kitchen space and build a new kitchen design that will stand the test of time for years to come, we need to establish your unique needs for your space. For instance, if you have young children or pets, you will need a flooring option that will stand up to the abuse of claws, paws, and spills. You may find a specific material will fit your aesthetic wants, but may not hold up to the stresses that young children and pets can impose onto your floors. If you would like your floors to stand up to any abuse you family may throw at them, here are a few excellent options.

Hardwood is more costly than other manufactured choices, but the initial added expense will pay for itself over the lifespan of your floor.

Manufactured options like linoleum and vinyl may have a similar look and feel of hardwood; they, however, cannot be refinished. When hardwood flooring gets worn down or scratched, in most cases, you can inexpensively repair the issue by refinishing the top surface of the wood. By occasionally refinishing your hardwood, your floor can last for decades, looking beautiful through it all.

A happy medium between the added durability of manufactured options and the timeless look and feel of hardwood, bamboo will be a perfect fit for you and your new kitchen. Bamboo is as hard or harder than most other hardwood options. Bamboo is also very environmentally sustainable and grows naturally at a much faster rate than other hardwoods. This making bamboo flooring not only a very beautiful, durable, and versatile option but also environmentally friendly.


We understand that each of our clients has a different sense of taste to various aesthetic designs, but wisely choosing between wood and tile for your new kitchen space is a critical one. Both of these materials provide different advantages and have their own unique color and finishing selections to choose from.

Both of these materials offer a wide variety of advantages, colors, and finishing options. Whereas wood is considerably easier on your knees and joints, tile is virtually indestructible and requires practically no maintenance. Furthermore, there are tile options that mimic the look of wood for a mix of both worlds.

Both tile and hardwood options will look beautiful and last for many years to come; your ultimate choice may come from the aesthetic differences of the two. The wide variety of colors and styles offered by each of these materials will lend themselves better to specific color schemes and styles of your kitchen renovation.

The most beautiful and striking kitchen designs will cohesively unify the color scheme across all components in the kitchen. Darker cabinets will nicely complement dark flooring. Add intricate designs like herringbone or custom patterns for more contrast. On the other hand, lighter cabinets work well with grey or dark flooring. This will allow the lighter cabinets to pop and stand out in your design as an eye-catching, key feature.

Regardless of what design you have in mind, our expert designers at Elite Remodeling can help you design and build the kitchen of your dreams. Over the past nearly 20 years, we have built and designed hundreds of classic, modern, and overall beautiful kitchens in North Texas. Contact our award-winning design team to start planning the kitchen you have always wanted today.