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Unlock the full potential of your home with a quality
room addition.

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As a renowned room addition contractor in Celina and other Texas communities, Elite Remodeling is the go-to choice for all your house expansion needs. We boast long-standing expertise, best-in-class tools, and top-grade materials, and regularly go out of our way to ensure every project is completed on time and within budget. Our team can help you expand your property with a high-quality kitchen or bathroom addition service or plan a more comprehensive second story or master bedroom addition. Just reach out to us and share your ideas!

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There’s no room addition we can’t handle

As a full-service contractor, Elite Remodeling is superbly equipped to provide you with the custom home additions you’ve always wanted, including:


A premium-quality kitchen addition elevates your home

At Elite Remodeling, we view every kitchen addition service as not only an opportunity to beautify our clients’ property and equip it with the latest appliances and systems, but also to keep pushing the envelope in terms of functionality and convenience. It’s our ultimate goal to bring you an optimized kitchen layout that makes cooking, storing, and serving food as seamless as possible, while also serving as the centerpiece of your home and increasing the value of your Celina property.

Modern bathroom additions bring lasting value

Whether you’re looking to convert an existing area or expand your home by adding a whole new bathroom, you can count on our acclaimed bathroom addition contractors in Celina to bring your ideas to life in the most effective and professional manner possible. We use sturdy materials and expert-level workmanship to deliver high-quality results that provide unrivalled functionality and a significant boost to the real estate value of your property.

Expand your home

with a custom master suite addition

A beautiful and spacious master suite improves the quality of your sleep, provides additional storage for your personal items, and serves as a private haven for rest and relaxation. It also increases property value and appeals to prospective buyers. You can reap all these benefits by contacting Elite Remodeling and having our team of master bedroom addition builders design, plan, and construct your dream bedroom at your home in Celina.

Why work with us as your home addition contractor in Celina?

Whether you need more space to house your growing family, want to increase the value of your property, or simply adjust it to better meet your needs and preferences, don’t hesitate to contact Elite Remodeling. From professional-grade master bedroom and kitchen addition services, to extensive second story and room additions, you can rely on our contractors to bring you a broad range of different perks, including:

  • Larger, more spacious living space
  • Better position on the real estate market
  • Increased convenience and functionality
  • Best-in-class systems and appliances



Our past clients hold us in high regard


A Consultation

frequently asked questions

How do you build a room addition?

For safety reasons and better chances of success, it’s strongly recommended to hire home addition builders to do the work for you. Otherwise, you could be risking injury and undermining the structure of your home.

Here at Elite Remodeling, we’ll take care of each phase of the project meticulously and diligently. Our specialists are trained and experienced in the field of second story, kitchen, bathroom, and master suite additions. If you hire us to add onto your Allen home, you’ll get long-lasting solutions that fully fit your needs.


    Does adding a bathroom add value?

    Absolutely. Transforming an existing space into a second or third bathroom boosts property value by 5.7% for the median home. A full bathroom addition that increases the total square footage of your house in Celina adds even greater benefits.

    For a more accurate estimate of how your new bathroom will impact your home’s resale value, contact Elite Remodeling. Once they’ve familiarized themselves with your ideas, our remodeling specialists will be able to offer recommendations for maximum value.

    What is a master suite addition?

    A master suite is a bathroom that is connected to a bedroom. It’s an all-in-one solution for homeowners who want to be able to bathe, dress, and relax in total privacy and comfort, without having to wait for their turn in the bathroom or deal with other people’s belongings.

    Here at Elite Remodeling, our expert master bedroom addition contractors in Celina and the area have added state-of-the-art master suites to numerous homes over the years. They know exactly how to expand a space and install the necessary systems for optimal functionality and value.

      Can my foundation support a second story addition?

      It depends on factors such as the square footage of the room addition, materials used, the type of room it is, and more. For instance, a master bedroom addition can boost property value by 6.2% for the median home, whereas extra living space offers an average increase of 5.3% to the median home value in Prosper. For a more precise estimate, reach out to a reputable home additions contractor like Elite Remodeling and consult with the experts directly.

      Where can I find established home additions contractors near me in Celina, TX & the vicinity?

      Elite Remodeling is here to help you expand and adjust your existing property to bring it more in line with your requirements. As the leading provider of home expansion and remodeling services in Celina and other Texas communities, we are ideally outfitted to realize your every room addition. Feel free to contact us if you’re looking for expert-level home addition designs in Prosper and timeless second story additions in Little Elm, as well as professional assistance across the region.

      Needless to say, we serve all parts of Celina. You can count on our experts to quickly show up at your property regardless of whether you live right next door to Celina High School or at the edges of the city. Reach out to us and schedule your on-site consultation today!

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