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High-Quality Room Additions in Allen

Our home addition builders tailor everything
to your taste.

Our custom home additions


With an award-winning team of design and construction specialists, Elite Remodeling has what it takes to render customized home additions in Allen and the nearby areas. If you need a modern bathroom addition, expert kitchen addition services, a full-scale second story addition, or another home extension service, we’ll be here to organize and execute the project step by step. Expect top-tier quality, a long warranty period, and effortless communication with our team.

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Hire our home addition builders for a range of services

We perform many different types of home additions, including the construction of:



We create spaces combining style & functionality

Would you like a farmhouse kitchen addition in Allen or the vicinity? Or are you dreaming of a cozy master bedroom? Maybe a luxurious spa-like bathroom addition is more to your taste? With a brand new extension designed and built by Elite Remodeling, you can count on both practicality and great looks. Whatever the style and features you want, our designers will do their best to bring your vision to life.

Our room additions give you lasting quality

We take your satisfaction seriously. This is why we’ve developed a thorough design-build system that ensures you have a streamlined experience. The workmanship of our construction experts guarantees that you’ll remain thrilled with the result years down the line. The structural work we render comes with a 10-year warranty, which means you can be at ease.

Work with

trained home addition builders in Allen

The specialists at Elite Remodeling go above and beyond to meet your demands, including fine-tuning the design according to your wishes and using the most durable materials in the construction process. Our methodology has been tested time and time again, and it has produced excellent results for our many kitchen, bathroom, master suite, second story and other additions in Allen.

Why go with a room addition

In case your house doesn’t match your needs any longer, a tailored room addition may be right up your alley. This extension can be a real game-changer. Here is why:

  • You’ll get additional space.
  • It will fit your needs more closely.
  • You’ll enjoy spending time at home more.
  • The house will look more stylish and contemporary.



Our clients share their experience


A Consultation

frequently asked questions

Can I add a room to my house myself?

For safety reasons and better chances of success, it’s strongly recommended to hire home addition builders to do the work for you. Otherwise, you could be risking injury and undermining the structure of your home.

Here at Elite Remodeling, we’ll take care of each phase of the project meticulously and diligently. Our specialists are trained and experienced in the field of second story, kitchen, bathroom, and master suite additions. If you hire us to add onto your Allen home, you’ll get long-lasting solutions that fully fit your needs.


    What questions should I ask a home addition contractor?

    How much a room addition in McKinney may cost depends on a number of factors: 

    • Scope of work
    • Quality of materials 
    • Appliance upgrades
    • Number of builders
    • Location of the home

    To get an accurate estimate of the costs, schedule an appointment with the specialists at Elite Remodeling. We’ll make sure you get the best value for money. 

    Is it cheaper to add on or build up?

    In most cases, it’s more affordable to build up because the construction process is simpler. Also, building a second story addition doesn’t take up any of your outdoor space. However, building out can be the right option for you too, especially if you don’t want a staircase to change the appearance of your first floor. If you live in Allen or the vicinity and have trouble deciding, the experts at Elite Remodeling will help you make the right choice after our consultation.

      Can you live in a house while adding an addition?

      This depends on the scope of the work that has to be done. If you won’t be able to use your kitchen or bathroom, you can rent a portable toilet or set up a temporary kitchen. If large parts of your existing home will be affected, you may want to relocate during the construction process. You could either stay with friends or family, rent a place, or even go on vacation – it’s up to you.

      Your home addition contractor will let you know how extensive the work will be, so you can decide accordingly. The specialists at Elite Remodeling are upfront about the project schedule as well as the extent of the construction. This gives you time to make necessary arrangements.

      How do I hire the finest home addition contractor near me in Allen?

      Finding a reliable company to perform your master suite addition, provide kitchen addition services, or build another custom home addition in Allen isn’t an easy task. Elite Remodeling is the top choice of locals in the area because of our client-focused approach, excellent workmanship, and stunning design. 

      While you’re taking a stroll in Bethany Lakes Park or hiking in the Collin Square Greenbelt, we’ll be taking care of every single detail of your project. We also create sophisticated home additions in Plano and build quality house extensions in Frisco, as well as offer our assistance to clients in surrounding cities. Rely on us for convenience and quality!

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