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Smart Supplier Choices

Professional remodelers buy their materials and services from suppliers that offer benefits to them and the homeowner.

Some customers express curiosity about the places different suppliers occupy in the home building and remodeling supply chain. With that in mind, we thought it worth explaining why we buy our materials and products where we do.

The basic choice is between the “big box” home centers like Home Depot and Lowes and regional or local distributors or supply houses. The latter include lumberyards as well as specialty suppliers of plumbing, electrical, lighting, cabinets, and other products.

The big boxes need no introduction, as everyone shops there. These highly profitable global corporations stock an impressive selection of products for customers to look at and choose from —but they’re mostly geared towards consumers, to whom they offer a wide selection of products at attractive prices.  

So every now and then, a homeowner asks why we don’t take advantage of those prices. That’s a fair question.  The net answer is service.  When we select local suppliers to work with, they fully understand our service requirements and warranty support.    Essentially, a sense of urgency in getting materials and or replacing them as needed.  Here is a shortlist of our key local suppliers….

Elite Remodeling | Bathroom Remodel——————————



In fact, professional remodelers treat suppliers as integral team members. A remodeler who finds a good supplier will usually stick with that supplier and give them a lot of business.  For example, we have done business with all of the above for over 10 years.  Roy the Plumber – 15 years.

Our suppliers understand that we, as their customer, have schedules and budgets that they need to keep in order to serve our customer – you!.  And the very best ones work very hard to serve them.

Mid-Tex Appliance Rebate Program

Atmos Energy Offers Appliance Rebate Program

For Texas residents with Atmos Energy, you could save energy every day with Energy Star rated appliances, but did you also know that could be receiving one-time rebates for your energy-conscious investment?  Receive a rebate for up to $500 for your eligible high-efficiency natural gas equipment.


Natural Gas Furnace | $350
                Requirement: 90% – 94% AFUE.  ENERGY STAR rated

Natural Gas Furnace | $500
                Requirement: 95% AFUE or higher. ENERGY STAR rated

Natural Gas Tank Water Heater – up to 50 Gallon | $100
                Requirement: .67 EF or greater.  ENERGY STAR rated

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater | $200
                Requirement: .81 to .89 EF.

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater | $300
                Requirement: .90 EF or greater. ENERGY STAR rated

Natural Gas Clothes Dryer | $300
                Requirement: with Moisture Sensor


For all guidelines and instructions for submitting for your rebate, please visit Atmos Energy’s Mid-Tex Appliance Rebate Program.


Cost vs. Value Report 2019 | Elite Remodeling

Cost vs. Value Report 2019 | Elite Remodeling

Home Improvement / Remodeling Projects with The Highest Return on Investment for Your Home in 2019

Remodeling Magazine’s 32nd annual Cost vs. Value Report compares the cost of popular residential renovation and addition projects to how much the homeowner will realize in the value of their home from the investment of the remodel. 

The Return on Investment (ROI) for upgrades and additions to your home, help dull every homeowner’s #1 pain point, cost.  For all the projects listed, the overall cost-to-value ratio is 71.4% for North Texas homeowners.  Nationwide the average dips down to 68.6%.

Despite the increase in the cost of building materials last summer across the country, hitting the entire remodeling and building industry, the overall ROI for the homeowners only slightly dipped from 2017; only 3.2% on average for North Texas residents.

Curb appeal projects continue to provide the highest return to homeowners.  7 of the top 10 high-return projects are exterior placement, high curb appeal projects with manufactured stone-veneer being the highest at 112.4%. 

The reason for higher returns on the exterior, curb appeal projects, is generated from the calculations set by the real estate community.  “Curb appeal” and “first impressions” are fundamental to a real estate professional’s evaluation of resale value.

Here are a couple of highlights from the report:

McKinney Upscale Bathroom Remodel | Elite Remodeling - elitehomeremodeling.comBathroom Additions

An upscale bathroom remodel will provide North Texas homeowners nearly 64% ROI. An upscale bathroom addition will add 100-square-foot and include 42×42-inch neo-angle shower with ceramic tile walls, accent strip, recessed shower caddy, body-spray fixtures, and frameless glass enclosure. Install freestanding soaker tub with high-end faucets; stone countertop with two sinks; two mirrored medicine cabinets with lighting; a compartmentalized commode area with one-piece toilet; and a humidistat-controlled exhaust fan. Utilizing more substantial matching ceramic tiles on the floor, laid on diagonal with ceramic tile base molding. Addition of general and spotlighting and waterproof shower fixture. Cabinetry has a custom drawer base, wall cabinets. Extend HVAC. Electric in-floor heating.

  • Bathroom Additions | Midrange (61.7% ROI)
    • Average Cost:  $44,585
    • Average Resale Value: $27,500


  • Bathroom Additions | Upscale (63.7% ROI)
    • Average Cost:  $83,287
    • Average Resale Value: $53,095


Frisco Upscale Bathroom Remodel | Elite Remodeling - elitehomeremodeling.comBathroom Remodel

An upscale bathroom remodel provides homeowners in Plano and McKinney with over 67% ROI.  Upgrades consistent with this type of project include the expansion of square footage, relocation of fixtures, new ceramic tile shower with luxury spray fixtures, installing a new soaker tub with high-end faucets.  Installation of a stone countertop with his and her sinks, compartmentalized commode area with one-piece toilet.  Addition of humidistat-controlled exhaust fan and larger upscale ceramic tiles on the floor diagonal with new base molding.  Custom cabinetry, in-floor heating, general & spot lighting. 

  • Bathroom Remodel | Midrange (68.5% ROI)
    • Average Cost:  $19,408
    • Average Resale Value: $13,295


  • Bathroom Remodel | Upscale (67.2% ROI)
    • Average Cost:  $62,074
    • Average Resale Value: $41,690




Frisco Designer Chef's Kitchen Remodel | Elite Remodeling - elitehomeremodeling.comKitchen Remodel

Major upscale kitchen remodels in Frisco and Allen areas will appreciate a 57.4% return on their investment.  Some of the features to this type of renovation project would include 30 linear feet of top-of-the-line custom white cabinets with built-in sliding shelves and other interior accessories.  Include stone countertops with imported ceramic or glass tile backsplash; built-in refrigerator, commercial-grade cooktop and vent hood, wall oven, and built-in microwave unit. Installation of a high-end under-mount sink with designer faucets and water filtration system. Add new general and task lighting, including undercabinet mood lighting. Installation of new upscale flooring. 

  • Minor Kitchen Remodel | Midrange (78.7% ROI)
    • Average Cost:  $21,714
    • Average Resale Value: $17,092


  • Major Kitchen Remodel | Midrange (57.0% ROI)
    • Average Cost:  $64,069
    • Average Resale Value: $36,506


  • Major Kitchen Remodel | Upscale (57.4% ROI)
    • Average Cost:  $127,684
    • Average Resale Value: $73,340


Frisco Upscale Master Bedroom Remodel | Elite Remodeling - elitehomeremodeling.comMaster Suite Additions

An upscale master suite addition will generate the homeowners in the Dallas area a refreshing 52.4% return on investment.  Add a spacious 32×20 foot master bedroom with lounging/sitting area adjacent to a large master bath.    Enjoy custom bookcases and built-in storage with custom millwork, a high-end gas fireplace with stone hearth and custom mantle.  Installation of your custom hospitality center with custom cabinetry, bar sink, under-counter refrigerator, stone countertop, and microwave.  Prepare for your day in style with a new walk-in closet/dressing area with natural light, mirrors, and linen storage.  New walk-in shower with the dual-shower system, stone walls, and floor, custom frameless glass enclosure.  Addition of a freestanding soaker tub, his and hers sinks with custom vanities and stone countertops.  Soundproofing, in-floor heating, custom wall finishes, and hardware included.

  • Master Suite Addition | Midrange (55.8% ROI)
    • Average Cost:  $122,867
    • Average Resale Value: $68,541


  • Master Suite Addition | Upscale (52.4% ROI)
    • Average Cost:  $255,595
    • Average Resale Value: $133,944


Frisco Upscale Patio Additions | Elite Remodeling - elitehomeremodeling.comBackyard Entertainment Patio

With nearly a 60% return on investment for your new backyard patio, you will enjoy your custom outdoor entertainment and kitchen space even more.  Installation of 20×20 flagstone patio connected to your home with new upscale lift-and-slide glass doors.  Enjoy a gas-powered fire pit in the center of the patio and surround it with four premium, all-weather deck chairs. Install stone-veneer modular kitchen unit with gas grill, mini-refrigerator, sink, and storage. Boast a 20×20-foot cedar pergola capable of holding an awning that can shade the flagstone area.  Install premium low voltage lights on pergola enough to illuminate patio at night. Install underground gas and electrical connections

  • Backyard Patio (59.7% ROI)
    • Average Cost:  $55,132
    • Average Resale Value: $32,905



Elite Remodeling Cost vs Value 2019 Values RisingThis year’s report surveyed more than 3,200 real estate professionals about the returns for 22 residential remodeling projects in 136 different U.S. housing markets—up from 100 markets last year. 

Adobe PDF
Download your PDF Report Here!

View the full report, including project descriptions and city-level data, here.

Elite Remodeling | Smart Lighting Is a Game Changer | June 2019

Smart Lighting Is a Game Changer

Wireless lighting controls are likely in your future. Here’s why.

Mention lighting trends, and what comes to mind is the growth of LEDs. But the incandescent bulb isn’t the only thing about to disappear—the wall switch may be going the same way.

That’s because more homeowners are opting for “smart” lighting controls that replace conventional switches and dimmers with wall-mounted touchpads that can control settings for multiple lights. With these controls, a homeowner can set specific light levels for everything from vacuuming the carpet to entertaining guests to watching a movie.

Smart controls can make lighting a dynamic design feature at home, and they’re easier than ever to retrofit.  Such under/above/in cabinet LED lighting.  When doing kitchen remodel, this is a perfect time to consider adding this feature.

Today lighting design is in the midst of its most significant change ever thanks to LEDs and two wireless technologies.

Elite Remodeling - Plano Texas - Kitchen Remodel 2019

One technology is voice control. The major lighting manufacturers now integrate with voice controllers like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant. “Since Alexa came out, all my customers suddenly want smart lighting,” says Webb.

The other is wireless touchpads. In the past, the only way to get whole-house control was to wire each individual switch or dimmer back to a central cabinet. In an existing home, the cost of fishing those wires through the walls tended to be prohibitive. 

Although these devices communicate wirelessly, they don’t use the home’s WiFi. Instead, they use point-to-point radio frequency or Bluetooth signals, so if the internet goes down, they still work. The system does need WiFi for voice and smartphone control, however.

If the home has a voice controller, the homeowners can tell it to activate a scene while at home. This could be as simple as saying, “Alexa, it’s bedtime.”  Or for a safety feature, “Alexa, all lights on.”  

Most of today’s smart lighting control systems have geofencing capability, which means your phone can signal the router to switch on certain lights when you turn onto your street or into the driveway. You’ll never have to worry about coming home to a dark house.

As more people install these systems, homes that have them will become more desirable to homebuyers. That, along with the many benefits available today, means that anyone planning a remodel should seriously consider smart lighting control.


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Beautiful and Accessible | Accessibility Guide for 2019

People Living Longer and Want to be Independent Longer.

It’s in the news daily, people are living longer and striving to stay independent longer. This is only natural, we all want to be in the comfortable familiarity of our own spaces, close to friends, family, and neighbors. And, considering how our mobility changes as we age, many of us will begin tossing around the idea of a remodeling a room or two so that we can live comfortably in our house for as long as possible.

The Home Remodeling Project Challenge.

Few things are more anxiety-producing than contemplating and then undertaking a remodeling project for your home of many years. Whether the scope of your project is the entire house or simply a small bathroom, worries spring up to remind of city and county code requirements, demolition noise and dust and then the ultimate redesign and re-creation of the space. And this is exactly why professional remodelers are there to help; knowledge of how to manage such projects while maximizing safety, efficiency, and quality and minimizing cost. Your local professional remodeler has the expertise to complete your project with minimal intrusion on your daily schedule and adhering to the age-old saying of “measure three times, and cut once.”

The Special Challenges of Creating Accessible Spaces.

For the aging and independent population, any remodeling project under consideration generally includes accessibility or, as it is sometimes called, Universal Design. Whether a space is considered accessible or not can be answered with three quick questions:

  1. Can anyone with mobility concerns easily enter and exit the space?
  2. Once inside the space can anyone with mobility concerns easily navigate the unique features of space?
  3. And finally, is the space structured so one can maneuver easily within it?

Remodeling for accessibility is generally more expensive than other types of remodels as it requires a higher level of customization than a standard remodel. Some of the main challenges involved in creating accessible spaces come from the spaces themselves. For instance, a necessary bathroom may have a short flight of stairs leading to it creating a real challenge for making it usable.

Likewise, a kitchen may contain a central island or eating bar that presents a barrier to mobility, and these structures may either have to be removed altogether or undergo a significant alteration to make them suitable. Undercounter cabinets may need to be relocated or eliminated to accommodate a wheelchair. That means redeploying the consumed storage space somewhere nearby.

Other major considerations will be where to place electrical outlets, light switches, and thermostats so that they are convenient to use. Lighting is another important consideration as the space must be bright but not glaring and localized task lighting options are always good to have, as are backlit switches so that someone can navigate in the dark.

Make Your Wish List First!

In most cases, creating an accessible home environment is not an inexpensive purchase nor should include cutting corners to save a little up front on the initial cost. After all, remodeling of any kind is considered major construction. And for this reason, it is vitally important to consider all your options even prior to hiring a remodeler contractor.

First, understand what you are really planning for. Are you planning ahead for the realities of growing older and sometimes having limited mobility for yourself and loved one? Is a friend or family member with mobility issues coming to stay with you on a long term basis? This sort of up-front planning pays huge dividends later when completed.

Use the power of the internet to get ideas, talking to friends who may have made similar modifications to their house are all great ideas and highly recommended. You may prefer to make sketches and jot down ideas to help organize your desires and entirety of needs. All of this will help your future hired contractor better understand where the focus should be and how best they can support and expand upon it.

Remember you are building your wish list, do not rule out the benefits of high-quality workmanship and materials, you may be surprised at how viable they can be for your remodel. And not only that, a quality remodel can significantly increase the value of your home.

When you feel you are ready to speak to a remodeling company, be sure to shop around and check reviews. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of any potential contractor is important, after all, they will be modifying your full-time living space. Ask them about their project planning process and how that looks in action. Any qualified contractor, being proud of the quality of their work and skills, will be more than happy to walk you through their process step-by-step and show you a portfolio of completed projects. Some elite-level remodelers may even have opportunities to tour previously remodeled homes and speak directly with the homeowners that hired them.

Accessibility for the Bathroom, Scope, and Price.

Independent living with mobility issues means the bathroom is likely to be one of the first targets of remodeling for accessibility. There are some very basic requirements for any bathroom remodel. First, there should be enough room to maneuver a wheelchair, and this is a minimum of a 60-inch diameter circle. To ease congestion in the bathroom, an inward swinging door may be reversed to open outward or can be replaced by a sliding or pocket door. Removal of base cabinets may be necessary, and that requires their functionality to be replaced conveniently to another part of the bathroom.

The scope of the project is the sum total of the amount of work to be done, the materials purchased, the professionals hired, etc. And the price increases as the scope increases. You will need someone with the detailed industry knowledge to walk you through these initial stages of the project and, ultimately, through the entire project flow.

Budget constraints affect the scope of most any project and the scope of the project can certainly highlight those budget constraints. A qualified remodeler will always have a wide range of resources and alternatives for their client to choose between. Knowledge of project management and a comprehensive showroom with a large selection of high-quality materials are but two signs of a top-tier, quality remodeling contractor.


Accessibility for the Kitchen, Scope, and Price.

To live Independently with mobility issues means the kitchen needs to be designed such that all normal kitchen activities are readily achievable. Kitchens, because they generally have more maneuverable space than bathrooms, are often next on the list. And this, of course, is where budget meets scope. A qualified contractor will have encountered innumerable challenges on this front in the past and will be able to explain where potential problems may crop up and provide a wide range of solutions and countermeasures for their client to consider.

If you ask to see their kitchen project portfolio you will give yourself a better opportunity to question them further on their processes. A quality remodeling contractor will use these portfolio projects to show comparable examples of your unique remodel to help guide you. As a kitchen remodeled for accessibility will look and feel different from a “standard” kitchen, you can ask why they chose to place switches, lighting, and cabinetry where they did. Each project in this respect is a custom project and they will be able to provide a solid reason for the structure and flow of the finished product.


The Cost of Accessibility Does Not Have to be Inaccessible.

Most people do not have unlimited budgets, and that should not be despaired upon by your future remodeling company. It does not mean you have to cut corners on the important things. Just as we want a safe car in good condition, we want a house that is pleasant and accommodating for everyone living or visiting there. Many wonderful advances in material sciences have taken place over the years and that means, simply, that what was once thought out of reach for quality materials and features, is now much more within reach of the average homeowner.

So, it is important to dream big, first. Remember your wish list. Your wish list is the template that drives your final design. Once you share your dream with your chosen contractor then chances are you will be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful a design you can realize at a reasonable cost.

If you have any questions or are just in the early phases of considering a remodel project, feel free to contact us at Elite Remodeling. We are Frisco area experts that serve homeowners from Lewisville to Plano and everywhere in-between, including Allen, McKinney, Addison, and far north Dallas. When it comes to helping homeowners realize their needs and vision for the remodeling of their existing home, we have over 20+ years of experience and expertise in the area. Your independence and right to enjoy your home is important to you and it should be important to your contractor as well.

2018-2019 Kitchen Backsplash Trends

If you’re considering getting a complete kitchen renovation next year, here are some trends that will likely stay in fashion when designing your new room:


01. Make the Most of the Ceiling Space


Many designers are incorporating new tile walls up toward the ceiling, which gives the illusion of cabinets floating in an ocean of color.

02. Go for Brighter and Bolder


While many homeowners used to avoid brighter hues, they’re becoming increasingly popular these days. Consider everything from a hot red tile to a lime green, but make sure you ground that color with something darker or neutralize it with black or white.

03.Use Vertical Tiles


Rather than elongated horizontal tiles, go for vertical tiles to make the backsplash appear “edgier,” which looks great whether you use larger or smaller tiles.

04.Lose the Accents


If you used to enjoy a contrasting line of tile, design featuring inserts or dots, or a tile mural, you’re better off using a single type of tile to create a more sophisticated look.

05.Get Creative with Floor Tiles


Any material that’s durable enough for the floor will work with your backsplash, including clay or ceramic tile, laminate, marble, vinyl, or wood planks. Matte tiles are particularly new, with earthy clay and dusky hues being the more popular. Keep in mind that the price can vary greatly.

06.Consider Mosaics


Mosaic tiles are great for many kitchens, as they can be made of many different materials including reflective glass or polished metal. Shiny small ones are especially popular, with small squares, mini subway tiles, old-school penny tiles, and other custom combos serving as great options.

07.Use Mirror or Glass


You can install clear or colored glass, or create illusions, with standard or tinted mirrors for an unusual kitchen backsplash. You can use vinegar for cleanup, and create art glass scenes, whether you use primary colors or older tones.

08.Make Writeable Surfaces


Using chalkboard paint, you can create surfaces ideal for leaving notes, with magnetic paints allowing homeowners to hang shopping lists and recipes at any time.

09.Use Old-Fashioned Tiles


You can create a traditional European look in the kitchen using a combination of tile patterns in similar colors, or form a traditional Mexican look with hand-painted tiles.

10.Using Ceiling Panels for the Walls


You can use embossed metal ceiling tiles on backsplashes, with many different patterns and sizes available to suit your kitchen.

11.Implement Organic Materials


Create an organic look with bamboo, pebbles, or other natural and recycled materials. Polished stone is another great look.


Regardless of what you prefer, the professionals at Elite Home Remodeling can help you create a unique and personalized backsplash for your kitchen design that can hold up for decades.

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Common Issues with Kitchen Layouts and How to Get Around Them


The layout and size of your current kitchen floor plan won’t necessarily determine the kitchen’s capabilities. With the help of a creative kitchen designer, there are many options available when designing a kitchen, from superficial renovations to complete remodels from the ground up.

Whether you want to build an addition or remove walls will depend on your individual goals. Even minor changes can greatly affect the functionality of the kitchen.

Innovative kitchen designers will place an emphasis on maximizing the potential of your space, depending on you and your family’s personal preferences and budget.

How Kitchen Design Has Changed

In the early days of America, homes had a kitchen that simply included a sink on one wall with a stove on another. These kitchen layouts were inefficient, with minimal storage and an oftentimes shoddy workspace consisting of a worn wooden table. Refrigeration was also virtually nonexistent. However, kitchens began to utilize more appliances and efficiency of space as the home evolved.

These days the best kitchen layouts incorporate efficient use of space along with visual appeal, with more space for storage, cleanup, and the preparation of food. Common additions have included pantries, cabinets, and refrigerators and freezers that make the kitchen a much more pleasant space.


Common Problems with Kitchen Floor Plans

While there are plenty of options to choose from in kitchen designs, not all kitchens will work. For instance, in older homes the kitchen may frustrate homeowners due to issues such as:

  • Too much space between appliances
  • Insufficient counter space
  • Awkward traffic patterns
  • Inadequate task lighting
  • Lack of space for trash cans
  • Difficulties with crowding

Using the Kitchen Work Triangle to Your Advantage

The “kitchen work triangle”—a guiding principle of kitchen design that concerns the paths and distance between the sink, stove, and refrigerator—is a great way to make sure the kitchen layout works the way you want it to. The key is to keep the spacing consistently efficient, ensuring that work and food storage areas are organized appropriately to allow occupants to easily move from one area to another.

Some of the more popular layouts include the U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen, along with a corridor or galley kitchen design for single cooks, plus a window.

More spacious layouts often feature peninsula counters, which are designed to prevent unwanted workspace traffic while providing additional space for socializing and snacking. Kitchen islands can accommodate certain appliances as well as chairs or barstools, while eliminating a wall and opening the kitchen up to nearby rooms.

A modern kitchen as part of an open floor plan often places all appliances along the same wall, placing a dining table as a transition piece between the living area and the work space.

More Contemporary Options

The popularity of open living areas has made appealing kitchen designs more important than ever. Rather than resembling traditional work spaces, they’re beginning to take the shape of dens and offices, with comfortable seating, snack and homework stations, eating counters, and even TVs and other forms of entertainment. When planning your kitchen renovation, consider how your family will use it, including the types of activities they’ll engage in regularly, and use these to influence the overall layout.

Layout Design Elements

Kitchen designers place an emphasis on workstations when customizing layouts, and will regard personal preference when renovating. For instance, the kitchen of a serious cook would be far more complex than a kitchen for those who rarely take the time to cook at home.

Professional designers can also help you realize your dream kitchen and personal preferences, meeting the needs for your home kitchen. Contact us to schedule a consultation with us at any time.

Animal Print is Back (Or so they say…)

Most are scared of animal print because of its tacky overuse, but lately the prints have seen a revival with a modern twist. Designers have been making the prints in poppy colors and flattening the textures. The combination of the two alternations have made animal prints a great modern statement piece.

Since the lines have been simplified and the colors updated, the pattern is no longer limited to traditional or formal spaces. It can be used in any room.

However, it’s not a print to go overboard with. Start with small steps or additions like an area rug, throw pillows, or other accent pieces.

When you do experiment with the pattern in its traditional earthy tone form, try adding poppy colors elsewhere like a sky blue or a summery green. This will set off the earthy tones and give your animal print an unexpected edge.

Click here for more example..

Natural Gas Fireplace

The chilly weather is coming up, so what better time to install a bit of warmth in your outdoor living than right now? An outdoor fireplace is just the thing to warm up your backyard.

While many people are concerned about the dangers of a wood fire and are fearful of adding an outdoor fireplace, there are other options. One of our favorite alternatives is a natural gas fireplace. You can simply turn it on and off without having to worry about the maintenance or the dangers.

When picking out your fireplace we recommend that you consider what you want from the piece. If you want something highly customized to your backyard, try the DIY or hiring a contractor approach. But be warned, the DIY approach can be tricky with a natural gas fireplace if you aren’t well-versed in DIY techniques. Trying to figure out how to safely channel natural gas isn’t a task for those new at DIY.

If you don’t mind something that is a bit less difficult or expensive, try the pre-fabricated approach. There are plenty of choices that will match your backyard well. Plus you won’t have to worry about putting everything together.

After picking out the method, the next task is picking out the location. This requires awareness of safety; pick a spot that is clear of overhanging tree branches, bushes or dry grasses. It’s best if you add gravel around the fireplace.

Once you set this up, all you have to do next is enjoy a spot of warmth in the chilly Texas nights.

Click here for more examples..

What is a Three Quarter Bath?

elite kitchen and bath dallas

Three-quarter bathrooms is the perfect compromise between a tiny half-bath and a huge full-bath. A three-quarter bath includes a toilet, sink, and shower, but never a full bathtub.

The set up is perfect for a small room addition, bump out, or completing a guest bedroom. When designing your three-quarter bathroom, it’s best to keep the following in mind:

-Choose a subtle texture. The texture adds interests, but the subtly keeps the texture from overpowering the small room.

-Install a long counter with a long sink. The lines lengthen the space and make it look bigger. Add open shelves under the sink for storage and an increased feeling of openness.

-Make sure your show is glass and edgeless. The light then can bounce off the mirror, giving an illusion of airiness.

-Splurge on upscale finishes. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck when using nice materials in a small space. Plus your guests will appreciate the luxurious surroundings.

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