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Energy Efficient Remodeling – Summing it all up!

Over the past several months we have been discussing Green Remodeling and the three science principles that are the major drivers and those impacted.   As a refresher, these principles are Heat Transfer, Moisture Management and Airflow and Pressure.  Now lets take a look at summing up these items relative to the functional areas of your home. (more…)

City Inspections: Navigating the Red Tape

Most people will never venture to the local building department. That’s probably a good thing. At Elite we take on this task very differently. As an example, we have personally sat down with both Plano and Frisco city building officials to review their processes and requirements against our internal processes to ensure we fully understand the needs of each side. By doing this we develop personal and professional relationships with the City officials. This relationship provides the City and our customers the assurance that we follow all codes, conduct our projects professionally and take personal responsibility to ensure your project is designed, constructed and warrantied in a professional manner. (more…)

Bath Treatments: The Royal Treatment

A short history of the bathroom: from outside shack to treasured retreat. While the basic functions are in place and intact, the bathroom has evolved to include a variety of luxury features and spa-like amenities that can be added to most remodeling projects. (more…)

Here Comes the Sun!

There’s little debate about the benefits of bringing as much natural light as possible into a home. To have windows on three walls of each main room — including bedrooms — is the ideal sought by many design professionals. Comfort and aesthetic values are increased with natural light. Furthermore, multiple sources of natural light facilitate the energy and cost savings that result from using fewer artificial light fixtures in the home. (more…)

Remodeling Myths: Do-it-Yourself?

If you read home improvement books and magazines, you are familiar with the ‘do-it-yourself’ concept. Homeowners are advised — on the basis of a single article — to take on any task, regardless of the scope and complexity of the project, rather than hire a professional. The premise of do-it-yourself (or DIY) reasoning has almost universal appeal, namely, that homeowners will save a load of money by not using a contractor.

But when it comes to significant residential remodeling work, whether redoing a kitchen or adding a room or deck, very few homeowners have the requisite skills and time. Furthermore, the average amateur has no clout with specialty trade contractors and materials suppliers and cannot negotiate the best pricing and scheduling.

This is not to say that homeowners have no role in the remodeling process. For instance, it is up to the homeowner to establish a budget for the project based on what they can afford to spend, to evaluate and select the best contractor for the job, to educate themselves about the type of project they want and how it gets built, to ask questions and demand satisfactory answers throughout the project, and to make sure expectations for quality, cost, and time are communicated and met.

This ‘Decide-it-Yourself’ approach is a much more effective and appropriate use of a homeowner’s time and skills than the ‘do-it-yourself’ method. Even if the amateur manages the initial design and working drawings, he is likely to come to grief in building codes and permitting issues, even before starting work with subcontractors. Rather than trying to manage every detail of a remodeling project, ‘Decide-it-Yourself’ homeowners entrust a professional remodeler to shepherd the project on their behalf and to their expectations.

In addition to their management skills, professional remodeling contractors offer other benefits, such as a wealth of experience with similar projects and the craftsmanship to perform a given task or the ability to supervise the performance of a specialist’s work. Remodelers understand how all of the pieces go together, from the proper scheduling of successive trade contractors and building inspectors to the knowledgeable connection of a framed wall section to the foundation, to the roof, and to the existing home. These are skills the professional has honed over several years of training and experience, just as anyone who works in any job or career learns the specific tools of his or her trade.

So, should you do it yourself? The answer comes down to this: do you truly have the skills and time to commit to the entire process of making your project a reality? Every professional remodeler can tell stories of desperate homeowners who needed to be bailed out of do-it-yourself projects that have gone terribly wrong. For all but the most skilled, hiring a professional may be the best way to stay within a budget for time and money, and the best way to achieve a happy outcome.

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Maintaining Architectural Character

It’s a common sight. As we drive down a tree-lined street in an older neighborhood, there’s a house with an addition or obvious remodel that doesn’t look quite right. Maybe the materials don’t match the original house or the addition looks stuck on. Perhaps the style of the new section is out of character or out of proportion to the rest of the home’s architectural elements. Whatever the reason or cause, a remodeling job that looks like a remodeling job does little for the value of the house and may degrade the aesthetic appeal of the home. (more…)

Understanding Inspections

During remodeling, a professional remodeler is responsible for managing a variety of inspections to ensure that the project meets agreed upon quality standards, is on schedule for completion when promised, and complies with applicable building codes. Inspections are even more demanding when the work involves extensive structural and mechanical work.


Remodeling Ebb and Flow

Remodeling a home has a particular pace, moving from dramatic progress in the early stages of demolition and structural work (if that’s part of the scope) to a more precise and ordered type of activity as finishes are applied, later on. It is useful to understand and appreciate the pace of construction to manage expectations and ensure overall satisfaction.


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