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Lighting the Way with New Technologies

Remember the old center-of-the-ceiling light fixture? You entered a room, hit the wall switch, and a couple of light bulbs behind a semi-transparent plate shed general, flat light over the whole room. All features of the room, good and bad, got the same emphasis. There was enough light to avoid tripping over the dog, but not enough to read by. (more…)

How to Drive your Remodeler Crazy

We take our profession as remodeling contractors very seriously. We look forward to creating the kind of comfortable yet professional relationship with each client that will disprove stereotypes about remodelers, contractors, and the remodeling industry. (more…)

Brainstorm! Bring Your Project to Life

Anyone who owns a home has a mental picture of how it could be better. Maybe it’s opening up the kitchen to a gathering area, or maybe it’s adding a walk-in shower or a whirlpool tub to the master bath. These visions are an important starting point in your home improvement plans, helping to narrow your choices in a world of possibilities.

Begin by gathering a stack of home and lifestyle magazines (friends will be glad to give you back issues of “Metropolitan Home,” “Country Living,” or whatever stack of magazines is littering their living room) and scan through them for photos of homes, rooms, and other features that match those in your head. When you see something you like, cut it out and set it aside. Similarly, if you see an article about a particular feature, floor plan, material, or product that sparks your interest, clip it out, as well.

The trick to this exercise is to work freely. Don’t think about it too hard. Later, you may discard images that on second glance don’t measure up or aren’t important to you anymore. Allow yourself to be open to new things that you may not have envisioned, but that are attractive or interesting in some way. It all helps in formulating a clear idea of what you want in your remodeled home.

For example, suppose that you see a photograph of a room that is bold and eccentric. It is an outrageous room, one you could not live with. Still, there is something about it that is appealing. Although you are not sure what it is that attracts you, save that photo, too. When you look at it later, you may find that it is the rich wall color and the complexity of texture that draws you. Make a note in the margin: “wall color and complex texture — yes, blue staircase and exposed ductwork — no.”

Why not make this creation a family affair? If you have a spouse or other household members to consider, encourage them to build their own dream files or to participate with you. Take time to discuss, consolidate, and arrange file contents in order of importance. In this way, you are prepared to make mutual decisions about different options as you work on design, budget, and product selection with your remodeler.

LAST CALL: Our Remodeled Homes Tour is next week Wednesday, October 14th. We still have a few slots open for the tour. On the tour we will have a recently completed full Kitchen Remodel that included a bump out of the existing kitchen and dinning room area.  We’ll also have a full Master Bathroom Remodel on the tour. If you are interested, please call the Showroom at 972.334.9800 to reserve your seat.

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One of the by-products of our consumer-based society is that we all accumulate “stuff,” from sports equipment and garden tools to holiday decorations, craft and hobby gear, and clothing we seldom wear. Some of us (hint hint to my wife DeDe) gather so much stuff that it commandeers our closets, attics and garages and then overflows to outdoor sheds and rented storage units. Over time, we become increasingly disorganized, stressed and inconvenienced. (more…)

Energy Efficient Remodeling – Summing it all up!

Over the past several months we have been discussing Green Remodeling and the three science principles that are the major drivers and those impacted.   As a refresher, these principles are Heat Transfer, Moisture Management and Airflow and Pressure.  Now lets take a look at summing up these items relative to the functional areas of your home. (more…)

City Inspections: Navigating the Red Tape

Most people will never venture to the local building department. That’s probably a good thing. At Elite we take on this task very differently. As an example, we have personally sat down with both Plano and Frisco city building officials to review their processes and requirements against our internal processes to ensure we fully understand the needs of each side. By doing this we develop personal and professional relationships with the City officials. This relationship provides the City and our customers the assurance that we follow all codes, conduct our projects professionally and take personal responsibility to ensure your project is designed, constructed and warrantied in a professional manner. (more…)

Bath Treatments: The Royal Treatment

A short history of the bathroom: from outside shack to treasured retreat. While the basic functions are in place and intact, the bathroom has evolved to include a variety of luxury features and spa-like amenities that can be added to most remodeling projects. (more…)

Here Comes the Sun!

There’s little debate about the benefits of bringing as much natural light as possible into a home. To have windows on three walls of each main room — including bedrooms — is the ideal sought by many design professionals. Comfort and aesthetic values are increased with natural light. Furthermore, multiple sources of natural light facilitate the energy and cost savings that result from using fewer artificial light fixtures in the home. (more…)

Our awards and recognitions speak to our commitment

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