4 Top Kitchen Tile Trends

What are the backsplash trends for 2022

Designing your dream kitchen is no easy feat. Being faced with many complex choices, from cabinetry styles to handle types can make this process quite an undertaking. The backsplash, however, offers the most versatility and personalization of all these features. Subway tiles, unique patterned backsplashes, and multicolored tiles are just some of the popular designs available today. But what are the winning kitchen tiles in 2022 and beyond

No matter your taste, scroll down to find just the perfect tiles for your home. If you don’t want to risk some of the common kitchen design faux pas you can make, calling in kitchen remodeling experts in Plano, TX is your best bet. Read on to learn more!

What are the backsplash trends for 2022?

In addition to its aesthetic value, a kitchen backsplash protects the back wall against water damage and dirt. No matter what type of tile you choose, make sure you choose one that you’ll love for years. Here are some top backsplash ideas for a kitchen remodel:

  1. Subway tile backsplash 

Unlike plenty of other backsplash styles that can quickly go out of style, this one has proven to last. Depending on your needs, opt for a simple and timeless foundation (i.e. white and gray) or give it a more unique appearance by choosing different patterns, colors, and finishes. They’re one of the easiest tiles to install, and with professional help, you can jazz up your wall in a day.

  1. Colorful mosaic

If you’re looking for something more unique, check out mosaic backsplashes. Modern or traditional, they can be extremely versatile and add more personality and pizzazz to your cooking area. 

You can choose mosaic tiles made of marble, travertine, pebbles, glass, or porcelain, ensuring you can achieve any look you desire. Use one pattern with a bold color palette to achieve a cohesive look. The other option is to mix patterns and infuse a little character into your kitchen.

  1. Patterned style tiles

For an eye-catching backsplash, consider using multicolored tiles. They will bring a warm atmosphere to every room, and add contrast to design elements. For instance, a multicolored backsplash goes perfectly with wooden kitchen features. As a result, you’ll attain pleasing harmony, one of the main principles of interior design.

  1. Slab style 

If you’re looking for elegant cost-effective kitchen features this is the right choice. As opposed to a traditional tile-and-grout backsplash, a slab style is created by using several larger pieces of natural stone extending from counter to ceiling. With lighter-toned slabs, you can create a sensation of spaciousness in your kitchen.

What type of flooring is best for kitchens?

Ceramic flooring is a great choice due to its versatility and low maintenance. The reason why most people love it is that it’s nonporous, which makes it stain-resistant. What’s best, ceramic tiles come in nearly every color and finish, and are easy to customize and install.

The other go-to flooring option is porcelain, a more durable flooring type. Not only is it stain-resistant, but it has a hard surface that makes it scratch-resistant, too.

Where can I find an expert kitchen remodeling company in Plano, TX?

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