3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Home Value

What increases the home value the most

Is your home in desperate need of a complete makeover? Or perhaps you love modern design aesthetics but your place is completely outdated? There’s no need to worry because a few home improvements can easily create a whole new look and improve your property’s value. 

But how to be sure you’re getting the most out of the upcoming remodeling project? Is there a way to tell what upgrades add the most value? We’ve gathered insight from professional remodeling contractors in Plano, TX, to help you spruce up your place and get the biggest payoff. Read on and learn more!

What increases the home value the most?

Whether the ultimate goal is to sell or to take more pleasure in the comforts of your home, focusing on the following projects will influence its value the most:

1. Give your bathroom a modern flair

Even if it’s just an update of the showerhead or adding a bath mat, modernizing any room in the house is likely to add value. The same goes for the bathroom. Since it’s an essential part of every home, consider the specific updates that will provide the largest return on investment. For instance, replacing outdated fixtures can be highly impactful, just as adding a stylish vanity area is well worth the expense.

2. Upgrade the kitchen

If you’re still on the fence about going ahead with installing a new kitchen layout, think long-term. Since it’s considered the heart of every home and the most popular room in the house, the money you spend on the project will offer you a higher ROI than major home improvements. However, If you opt for a minor kitchen remodel, keep in mind that cabinets, flooring, backsplash, and appliances have the greatest selling power.

3. Don’t neglect the attic 

If you’re looking for energy-efficient home features, don’t make one of the biggest remodeling mistakes and overlook the key areas in your home that can help you gain extra space for yourself and your family. Depending on their size, these areas can serve many different purposes, from a playroom and office to an in-law apartment. 

What upgrades are worth in an old home

What upgrades are worth in an old home?

An old house has plenty of character, but updating it can be tricky. However, an expert team of remodelers and a bit of patience could save you thousands of dollars in the long run. If you’re looking to upgrade your home on a budget, here’s what to consider first:

Increase square footage 

It’s no secret that most people long for more living space even if they’re in love with their current homes. Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this problem. With the right room addition, you can increase the area you occupy as much as you want. For instance, you can easily double the initial floor plan by building a new room or a second-story addition.

Repurpose old rooms or other unused areas

Although they usually offer so many opportunities, certain areas in the house are often neglected. Just think about that old attic, or a basement, that you haven’t used for years now. Unless you want to waste space under your feet, building them out into inviting and livable areas will not only add usable space to your place but will likely boost your selling price.

Where to find the best remodeling contractors in Plano, TX? 

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